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Since 2008, Investor Relations (IR) has taken on an even greater role in public-company communications. Investors, shareholders and the financial analyst community expect engagement, transparency and active, two-way communication. Webcasts and other virtual meetings are effective, cost-efficient ways to keep all your shareholders and interested parties informed, engaged and up to date.

Markets can be very volatile; and to protect your company’s reputation and ensure fair equity-market valuation, your IR team needs to have effective and reliable connections with key influencers. Keeping them updated on your company’s financial strategy and broader, strategic direction requires powerful, cost-effective communication vehicles that can transmit information on a global scale.

Internal Communications - Because IR plays a cross-functional role, meeting regularly is a crucial element in coordinating and executing routine activities –company announcements, annual reports and SEC filings – as well as managing the unexpected, such as management changes, a merger or acquisition, a sudden market downturn or a product-liability incident.

External Communications - Communicating with institutional investors, individual shareholders and the financial community is key to maintaining a fair valuation of your company’s stock. In addition to press conferences, shareholder meetings, one-on-one investor briefings and analyst meetings – at which you deliver one-way information – investors and influencers are now also demanding timely, two-way communication.

Put a face on your financials and increase investor confidence by webcasting your next analyst day, shareholder meeting, product launch, plant tour, guidance call, CEO or executive presentation, analyst meeting, press conference or other event.

Let Pinnaca extend your investor relations communications experience.

  • Deliver corporate announcements to global employees and the press.
  • Add visuals to your quarterly investor relations conference call.
  • Conduct virtual road shows.
  • Offer training and certification classes for employees and new hires.

About Our Solutions

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