Employee E-Learning Solutions

Train Your Employees

Virtual events are valuable communications channels to inform and educate. Professionals in private industry, government, non-profits and educational institutions are using virtual learning tools, such as Web conferencing, webcasting and webinars to train, develop and motivate their employees and to reach out to their customers or constituencies.

Pinnaca offers a feature-rich Virtual Learning Center that incorporates webcasting, web conferencing and virtual events. Learners can listen to audio or view-streaming video and interact with instructors or other participants through a variety of social-media tools, such as chatting, instant feedback, hand raising and polls.

Participants can attend a virtual-learning event either live or on demand. Integrated document archives provide a central repository for supplementary learning materials.

One of the most compelling aspects of virtual learning is that participants can attend from anywhere, at any time. All they need is a web browser and an Internet connection, on a PC, Mac or mobile device. No software downloads are necessary, and your IT department’s intervention isn’t necessary.

Pinnaca provides customized learning applications for:

Human Resources - Educate your new and existing employees about company policies and procedures, regulatory changes and company benefits. Hold executive-led “all-hands-n-deck” meetings to motivate and inform your employees about changes in leadership or strategic direction.

Advanced Certifications - Pinnaca's virtual learning tools can be customized for self-paced testing and assessment to facilitate further education and certifications for your staff. Sessions can be configured to conclude with assessment; the system can even generate certificates for participants.

Sales and Outreach - Keep your sales or outreach team up to date on your organization’s mission, focus, competitor intelligence and relevant regulations. Pinnaca’s virtual meetings include audio, streaming video and downloadable documents, all of which can be accessed live or on demand.

Customer Training - There is no better way to hold customer-product training than in a highly collaborative setting, where learners can get their hands on the product by using application and desktop sharing. Record your training sessions for students to retain and review in order to help them get up to speed quickly.

Partner Training - Bring new partners or resellers on board quickly with live or recorded training sessions. Keep them current with regularly scheduled classes. There is no need for travel or onsite costs – you expand your business with minimal spend and great efficiency.

Instructors and Trainers - Support your curriculum with the most robust, flexible online-learning technology available. Beyond working with students, the platform presents an ideal setting for exchanging best practices with other instructors, holding planning sessions, and developing content.

Higher Education - Our comprehensive suite of tools supports even the largest institutions – with thousands of courses, students, educators, administrators, and multiple campuses. Work with us to customize an enterprise solution that supports all your requirements, from registration to security.

Pinnaca's training tools include:

  • Automated session administration
  • Desktop sharing
  • File transfers and slide annotations
  • Audio conferencing
  • Polling and surveys
  • Pre and post-training
  • Sophisticated tracking and reporting
  • Two-way voice and text communication
  • Payment processing and registration services

About Our Solutions

  • No downloads required
  • Web-based services that are easily accessible from anywhere and any device
  • Multiple security options to ensure your privacy
  • Advanced reporting available anytime and from anywhere
  • Cross-platform and device compatible
  • Integrated suite of conferencing and event technologies
  • Fully customizable interfaces to reflect your brand
  • 24 x 7 Support